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The original intention, Brave mission, Longmarch Company focuses on deep poverty alleviation

Views:897   Date:2020-03-19

? ? ? ?Recently, the company has actively responded to the municipal party committee and municipal government's strategic call to win the battle against poverty, and once again donated 2 million yuan to support Chaoyang's battle against poverty.?

? ? On March 16, the company's party committee decided to designate Li Chunxiang, a middle-level leading cadre, as the first deputy secretary of Gendeyingzi Township, Chaoyang County. She was expected to research and formulate support measures, implement counterpart support work, and help decisive battle to overcome poverty. The chairman of the company, Li Qingwen, declared that in the past 10 years, the company has become bigger and stronger with the help of party leadership and government and has been recognized by the society. The company will never forget the original intention, it is time to repay the nation, and bravely undertake the mission to vigorously support the cause of poverty alleviation, and contribute to the fight against poverty at this critical moment of getting rid of poverty today.?

? ? ? For many years, Longmarch Company has always regarded poverty alleviation as its political responsibility and mission, and actively fulfilled its social responsibilities. In 2018, it donated 10 million yuan to the Chaoyang Poverty Alleviation Foundation, built 10 cold tents for Tiejianglu, Qidaoquanzi Town Longcheng District, donated to build cattle breeding base for Taizi Town, Chaoyang County successively. Furthermore, the company invested more than 400,000 yuan to build a cultural square and health room, and preferentially recruit nearly 100 people from impoverished villages such as Tiejianglu and Linzhangzi, which achieved the goal of "one-person employment, the whole family out of poverty".? ?

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